We Will remain operational.

With planting season right around the corner we realize that our clients still rely on us to provide them with sound agronomy advice and recommendations.  We plan on providing our same great services.  

Social Distancing

With that being said, we are taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously. We will maintain social distancing, proper hand sanitation (even with our hands in the dirt!), and staying home if we feel ill. We may not be able to shake your hand, or stop by for a visit, but we still strive to provide you with the same personal service you have received in the past.

Stay Healthy!

We hope all our clients and friends remain healthy during this COVID-19 outbreak. We look forward to getting things back to normal and being able to visit with you at the kitchen table, truck tail gate, or farm shop. Until then feel free to give us a call, e-mail, or social media message and we will do our best to keep our standards of service at this time.