About Us

David Rahe


Agricultural Consultant



Dave grew up on a farm in Southwestern Illinois and graduated from  the University of Illinois in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science degree in  Agronomy with emphasis on Soils.  He worked on soil surveys in Madison,  Lee, Bureau, and Putnam Counties. In 1985, Dave became a soil  conservationist.  He worked as District Conservationist in Winchester  and Hillsboro and later in his career he was District Conservationist in  Carlinville.  He spent almost 3 years doing wetland delineations and  investigating possible violations of the clean water act with the Corps  of Engineers in St. Louis.  Dave was a resource conservationist in the  St. Louis metropolitan area for about 7 years overall. He was also  employed starting in 2005 very part time by FEMA as a floodplain  management specialist.

Starting in 2004 Dave worked as an  associate of Soil-Right Consulting Services, Inc. as a consulting soil  scientist specializing in soil classifying, soil fertility and  management, and natural resources.  He has been an ISCA certified soil  classifier for 30 years.  He is also a certified professional soil  scientist under ARCPACS and a Certified Professional in Erosion and  Sediment Control.

At RPM Soils, LLC David works as a consulting soil scientist specializing in soil  classifying, soil fertility and management, and natural resources.  In  addition, he shares company management duties with Janette Porter.   

Janette Porter


Agricultural Consultant



 Janette Swartz-Porter grew up on a family farm in Pike County, IL. She  graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a bachelor's  degree in Plant and Soil Sciences in 2010. She began working as a  consultant with Soil-Right Consulting where she managed the Pike County  territory until RPM Soils was formed. She has also been employed with  Bradshaw Custom Pumping since 2010. There she is involved with GPS  coordinating and sending out as-applied maps and nutrient analysis to  clients from their manure applications. She is a Certified Crop Adviser. She is also a member of the  Illinois Soil Classifiers Association where she assists Dave in  classifying soils for possible septic sites. Janette shares company management duties with David Rahe.

Denise Maxwell


 Sample Coordinator

Denise  Maxwell has worked with Environmental Issues since the first  Earth Day in 1970.   Besides having earned a Masters Degree  in Outdoor  Planning and Administration,  she is an Illinois certified H.S. Science  teacher and Horsemanship coach.  While working for the Madison County  Soil and Water Conservation District in the early 90's, Denise met David  Rahe when she was recruited to  join a NRCS team working on stormwater  management and watershed plans after the 1993-94 flooding.  Over a  decade later Dave introduced Denise to Soil-Right where she worked  seasonally until RPM was formed. Denise has been soil sampling since  2008.